Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Panama City, Panama

Estelle.tv has a growing number of videos that will help you plan your travels. One of the latest concerns Panama City, Panama. Latin supermodel Estelle Reyna will clue you in on the local sounds, sights and culinary adventures available to anyone who visits Panama City, Panama. (It is very important to reinforce that we are talking about Panama City, the capital of the Central American country of Panama, not Panama City, FL.)

Estelle's accent is very soft, and her English is very clear and easy to understand, so go see the video right now! One fact I gleaned from the video was that the U.S. dollar is the local currency there. That sure makes things easy!

The video also impresses on me that one of the major attractions of Panama City, beyond the great beauty of the landscape surrounding it, is the people who live there. It seems that, since the isthmus of Panama has found itself to be the natural route for wave after wave of travelers over the centuries, the residents there have become some of the kindest and friendliest folks on the planet to foreigners and tourists.

Of course, she's speaking as a Latin American supermodel, so people will tend to be especially friendly to her!

Panama City isn't the only destination that Estelle.tv covers. They have free daily podcasts, and a large online travel video library that includes many U.S. destinations.

For my Maine readers, I even found this video from August 2006 about Fort Gorges, near Portland. That's a trip I'll need to make sometime soon. There's also a general vid about Maine. It does a great job of playing up Maine's natural attractions for all four seasons.

In general, Estelle.tv is a very useful site for those who are planning a trip to any of the best travel destinations in the world.



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