Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Quadruple Homicide in Newry

The nationally-publicized quadruple homicide in Newry, Maine this past weekend sure won't help the state's tourism prospects this fall and winter. Especially hard hit will be the ski areas.

Police today are unraveling a murder spree in Western Maine that appears to have begun with the murder of a man on Friday and claimed the lives of a three women -- including a mother and daughter -- at a bed and breakfast over Labor Day weekend as authorities say the killer tried to cover up his first crime.

What surprizes me most about this is that Nielsen felt the need to kill more people to cover up his first murder. Usually, when someone commits murder in a state with a death penalty, there's nothing to lose in committing more murders. In Maine, which doesn't have a death penalty, a guy who's committed four murders is definitely going to have a much harder time ever seeing the light of day than a fellow who's committed one. And committing the extra murders sort of takes away the possibility of copping a plea to manslaughter.

But who ever said murder was the act of a rational soul?



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