Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Belfast City Manager's Retirement Plans

It's nice that a lifelong public servant has decided to try the private sector on for size when he retires:

City Manager Terry St. Peter said Tuesday he will become a business owner after he retires from City Hall next June.

The manager will purchase three adjacent lower Main Street businesses -- Maine Coast Photo and Digital, County Copy and Mark's Printing House -- on Nov. 1 and serve as a "passive" owner until spring.

The best part of the story comes at the very end.

St. Peter, who will be almost 65 when he retires, has spent most of his professional life in public service. "It will be interesting to see if I can run a business," he said.

It would have been nice to have found that out before he took a job for a cool $77k per year in which almost everything he did impacted businesses negatively. It should be a prerequisite of any bureaucrat that they have tried to make it in the private sector before feeding at the public trough and doling out the goodies to their friends.



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