Thursday, September 14, 2006

AdSense on Life Support, If Not Dead

AdSense is one of the more popular ways for bloggers to make money on their blogs. If you've got thousands of page hits a day on a niche blog, then maybe you'll have a chance at making worthwhile money with it. Otherwise, PayPerPost is the way to make money blogging.

While Google terms of service won't allow me to say how much money I've made from having AdSense ads on my blog, I can tell you that it took more than a year and a half for my account to get up to the balance at which they would cut a check. That's what happens when you get a few pennies for each click.

In the few weeks I've been writing posts for PayPerPost, I've made just over $180.00, and just today received some very very cool nerdboy toys from one of their advertisers (I'll be reviewing those things here soon). I've even had one appreciative advertiser email me to compliment a well-written post.

With payments coming via PayPal thirty days after each post has been written, the payoff is much quicker than waiting for that check to come from Google. I sure wish PayPerPost had been around when I started this blog. I'd have never messed with Google AdSense or any of the others.



Tor has been paid to blog about the above topic via PayPerPost. If you are a blogger who would be interested in being paid to blog, please sign up at PayPerPost and fill in tor at torsrants dot com as your referral.

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