Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogging for Charity

Fellow PayPerPostie Colleen is seeking sponsors for a 60-mile, 3-Day Walk in Philadelphia against breast cancer. PayPerPost has made it easy to donate to her cause for the rest of the month, by allowing PayPerPosties to direct payments for selected posts to her fundraising efforts. That's what I've done with the post right below this one. If every PayPerPostie donated one post to the cause, she'd be over the top in no time.

Also, Maven Mapper will be giving two cool bucks for this sentence. (If you guys want different anchor text, just let me know.)

This is another benefit of PayPerPost that hasn't really been discussed much: the ability to donate to charity. The other choices currently available are American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. At the time each post is submitted, a drop-down menu asks if you want to receive the payment, or to donate it to one of the approved charities.



Tor has not been paid to blog about the above topic via PayPerPost. If you are a blogger who would be interested in being paid to blog, or in blogging for charity, please sign up at PayPerPost and fill in tor at torsrants dot com as your referral.

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