Friday, September 22, 2006

Cocoa Beans, Storage Mites and Allergies to Dust Mites

My lovely wife Rowan has just been informed by an allergist that chocolate can be a source of storage mites, to which she is allergic. According to the doctor, only Godiva chocolate has escaped this problem, since its origin isn't Central America.

The good doctor did say that finding info on this on the internet would be difficult. So far, the closest thing I've found is this report on the handling of coffee and cocoa beans. Apparently, also according to the doctor, one of the large companies you'd associate with chocolate is trying to develop a birth-control hormone for the mites that could be sprayed on the goods and be harmless to humans, but in the meantime they're keeping things hush-hush. If you're allergic to dust mites, talk with your allergist about whether chocolate can be tied into it. Anyone with better documentation of this, please pass it on.



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