Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A Great New Search Engine for Puzzle and Riddle Lovers

Trumalia Search is a wonderful new search engine that's right up your alley if you enjoy Riddles and Puzzles. It's an especially wonderful site to visit if you like quirky and humorous artwork of a puzzling nature.

But Trumalia is more than just a search engine: it's also a forum for people who want to discuss current events, art or anything else. That anything else includes enigmas that will lead to buried treasure. Read about the first enigma solvers. As a member of Quest4Treasure, I could seriously get into that.

The Trumalia database includes one of the largest repositories of riddles written before the 20th century, so anyone with any curiosity about the history of riddles should check it out. If you're a Da Vinci code-cracking wannabee, there's plenty here for you, too.



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