Sunday, September 10, 2006

Christian Nielsen Transferred to Cumberland County Jail

Christian Nielsen, who was arrested for the murder of four people over the Labor Day weekend in Newry, Maine, apparently still feels the need to add to his total. He attacked another prisoner at the Oxford County Jail, and has therefore now been sent to Cumberland County, where he can be segregated from other inmates.

If the attack was indeed "unprovoked," as a jail administrator reports, it calls into question the state of his mental health. Police have reportedly still not come up with a motive, despite the rumors that the mainstream media television stations in Maine have been breathlessly spreading. (I thought spreading rumors was supposed to be the province of the bloggers.)

Since he's confessed to the murders, there's no question he will need to be segregated from the rest of society for a good long while. Whether that's in prison or a psychiatric institution is all that remains to be determined.

Either way, it's good to see the community over there is making its first steps toward healing.



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