Monday, September 11, 2006

An Ozone Free Air Purifier

Here's the deal. My lovely wife Rowan and I live with three cats. My poor darling is allergic to the cats, and to just about everything else in the air you can be allergic to. We've got a HEPA air filter running constantly in our bedroom, to little avail. We know we shouldn't use an ozone-generating air cleaner, since ozone is extremely deleterious to the lungs.

I'm looking into the Airfree P80 as a possible way to deal with all the dust mites (and their skeletons and feces), viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, and cat dander in our house. On days when Maine is under an unhealthful ozone alert, it will help against that, too.

The Airfree P80 is the world's most tested air purifier. I'm not talking just lab tests, but real world field tests. (Actually, one of the "field tests" was in a German lab, where the cleaner reduced the air's mold content by 99%!)

I was really impressed by the results from a Portuguese library, where the totally silent air purifier was able to reduce mold in the air by 69%. If you're a bookworm like I am, you'll know what an accomplishment that is. The smell of old books is basically due to organisms growing on the pages. Libraries try to control the humidity to slow down the growth of organisms, but now they have a tool that could actually keep the organisms from spreading to newer books.

The Airfree P80 is silent because it doesn't use fans. Its ceramic heater core sets up a convection flow of air. The air passes through capillaries in the core, and all the nasty things in the air are incinerated.

When I read that, I thought that this thing must throw off a lot of heat. Nope. The manufacturer says that two of these in a room would have the same effect on room temperature as an adult in the room.

Well then, I thought, it must be awful expensive to keep that ceramic heater running. Wrong again. The thing only draws 46 watts of power. That's an energy efficient way to sterilize your air. And it doesn't affect the humidity level of room air at all, which is great, since winter is the time of year when a good air cleaner is really needed.



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