Wednesday, August 23, 2006

PayPerPost and Sponsored Posts

Per recommendation from Kn@ppster, I've decided to become part of the PayPerPost blog network. This means I'll be paid by advertisers to write about topics (usually products or services) of their choosing, but the thoughts and words will be my own. Typically, they're looking for a link and some buzz.

I promise I won't hock anything that I wouldn't at least consider buying, and that I'll be careful not to let the sponsored posts overwhelm the posts you're used to reading here.

I'll always identify sponsored posts as such after my signature and categorize them as "payperpost."

If you're a blogger who might be interested in this opportunity, go to PayPerPost and check it out. If you sign up, please be so kind as to put my email address, tor at torsrants dot com, as your referral. (Yes, I'll be getting an incentive for that referral.)



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