Monday, September 4, 2006

Laptop Stolen from Liberty, Maine Library

News flash from the crime beat of the dark alleyways of Liberty, Maine: a laptop with wireless internet access has been stolen.

"With several weeks since the theft, we had hoped that the person that took the laptop would have come to their senses and returned it," said Worcester. "The library has received a donation allowing us to offer a $50 reward for any information leading to the return of the laptop and arrest of the individual."

And people think I'm hopelessly idealistic for being a libertarian. Librarians are apparently even more naive. These guys waited several weeks to make a stink about a missing laptop, in the hopes that it was just a mistake? I've been known to walk out of a convenience store where I've just paid for a newspaper but forgotten to pay for the gas I've pumped, but I can't imagine walking out of anywhere with a laptop inadvertantly tucked under my arm.



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