Monday, March 6, 2006

A New Week, A New Tenant

Once again, a fine group of prospective tenants has assembled at the front door of our humble blog. Here are the three who wait eagerly on the threshold:

Head Below Water is katie's showcase for her droll and restrained sense of humor. I can relate to her bewilderment at how folks find her blog:

Yesterday I was glancing at my search engine referrals when I saw something that almost made my heart stop.

Someone had discovered my lovely little corner of cyberspace by asking google,

“Are banana clips making a comeback?”

This shocking question led them to this post, which puts the answer at a resounding NO.

To the unfortunate soul who asked this question: I repeat, the banana clip is not making a comeback, and I implore you to not try and start your own fashion revolution.

PS- the scrunchy is dead too.

Full Metal Photographer is a photoblog by Kelly Hoffart. As I write this, I'm beholding a wonderful picture named Stick. Rowan and I are owned by cats, but we're great friends of dogs, too. In case they take over the world, you know. Untitled also appeals to me, for some reason.

Stephanie has seriously updated the layout of her Mystickal Incense Blog since she was a tenant here quite a while ago. Definitely worth another look.

With contenders like these, there's little to do but toss a die three times to see who gets it.

Congratulations, katie.


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