Thursday, March 9, 2006

Don't Give Up Cats for Fear of Bird Flu!

There have been many articles in the German press over the last few weeks about the many birds on the German island of Ruegen that have been found dead from bird flu, and three infected cats, and now a stone marten (a kind of weasel).

Here's an article in English about the stone marten.

In light of this, many Germans have been giving up their house cats, overrunning animal shelters. (Sorry, this story is in German. You can get a rough translation of it thru Babelfish.)

Three cats in Austria have been cured of the bird flu virus, but people are still panicking.

The best thing to do if you're afraid your cats might catch a virus from birds is to keep them inside. Our three boys stay inside, except when we let them out onto the screened-in porch when it's warm out. The only wild critters they ever see are the mice that sometimes make their way into the house.

I realize that eventually a really impressive plague will befall humanity. But do we have to be so jumpy about it?



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