Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tom's of Maine Goes Big Time

For the record, I do not like Tom's of Maine toothpaste or mouthwash. It just tastes crappy and chalky and doesn't make my mouth feel so clean as other, cheaper brands do. Like Colgate. Which just so happens to be buying out Tom's of Maine for a cool $100 million.

So while I obviously am not rooting Tom's of Maine on as a loyal customer, I am happy that this Maine firm is going big-time, and will hopefully be able to keep many Mainers employed for a long time. As a left-libertarian, I do have some real concerns about the legal structure and power of large corporations in this country, but as a Mainer I'm eager for any good news about a Maine concern.

I just hope that Tom is able to hold onto his core customers, as he expands his overall customer base. Early reactions range from a commenter over at All Things Maine who is obviously against anyone ever making money on a business they have built up from nothing, to the cautious optimism of Treehugger, who hopes "the little company can expand its markets, innovate around sustainability principles, and start to change the culture of it's [sic] new owner to help 'mainstream the green' and bring jobs back to the US."

I believe environmentalists can slowly come to the conclusion that the best environment in which to achieve their goals is the free market, not a socialist system.



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