Friday, March 31, 2006

Light Weekend Reading: Jeff Freeman, Artist

Jeff Freeman is an artist living in Bar Harbor, Maine, whose artwork is starting to get a following:

He readily admits his work is not for everyone, but those who take the time to get past the first, disconcerting impression will likely find the humor - albeit dark humor - and may realize that even the most grotesque pieces are also intensely personal.

Take, for instance, "There Are Other Ways to Die" (his titles are like little riddles to understanding his pieces). It's clearly a monster, and it's engaged in some pretty self-destructive behavior including running with scissors and smoking. One can't help wonder if this is the artist's alter ego.

Another grotesque figure doubles as a wine rack, and grimaces horribly over its burden of bottles.

Sounds like a fellow who's either read too much Stephen King, or not enough.

I went looking for some photos of his work, but could only find a photo of a chair he designed that looks fairly normal.



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