Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The Haunted Computer from Maine

Some people will do anything to sell something on eBay. Seems this laptop computer is haunted by the spirit of a departed Westbrook fellah:

The Dumont household is now free of paranormal activity, but it appears as if I have now taken over the role of host in keeping Jasper’s computer with me. He was an avid pc-user, and it is believed that his soul is most attached to this one object as a result. I have experienced no negative side effects in owning this pc. It seems that Jasper simply wishes to either communicate, or simply likes to goof off as I feel any healthy 21 year old male would. It is not an unpleasant or threatening aura that he gives off. Nor is he by any means an “evil” spirit - this was confirmed by the paranormal medium that conducted the investigation in the Dumont household.