Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lance Dutson's Story is Told

Lance Dutson is finally getting his story told in the wider media, both print and web. Congratulations, Lance. Hopefully all this harassment of you and your family and your business will stop post haste.

For those who aren't familiar, read Lance's recap of the Pay-per-Gate scandal with the Maine Office of Tourism here.

There's a quick online version of VillageSoup's story here. I'll be rushing out to get the print version to get the whole write-up. VillageSoup prints two papers: VillageSoup Times for Knox County, and VillageSoup Citizen, for Waldo County. I'm not sure if it's in the Citizen, which I can get nearer to home.

Derek Anderson, the publisher of VillageSoup, also has this to say in his editorial on the subject:

I understand how Pay Per Click works. I understand blogs. I've read all of Dutson's submissions on his blog. Knowing what I know, and reading what I've read, I'm not sure I agree with Dutson's original argument about the state's use of Pay Per Click advertising. I do believe, however, that he had the right to ask those questions -- questions I am anxious to hear the answers to. I also believe Dutson had the right to criticize the execution of the state's marketing plan....

The funny thing is the Maine Department of Tourism and its contractors probably could have avoided all this. Dutson started out asking questions and writing pointed commentary on the execution of the state's marketing plan. Rather than attempt to answer the questions, it seems the contractors tried to discredit the value of his perspective.

The golden ring so far is Lance Dutson's exposure in the Portland Press Herald. It's one of Maine's two major daily newspapers, and certainly will help Lance get his message out.



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