Tuesday, March 7, 2006

An Early April Fools and an Apology

Mike Hein has sent me a link to a really funny early April Fool's blog post by Mike Heath of the Maine Christian Civic League. Read almost through to the end, and you'll see why he in particular sent it to me.

Mike Hein was one of the few protestors/vigilants (we have been debating about that, among other things) whom I unfairly mentioned in my earlier post about the recent harassing cell phone calls and vehicle vandalism directed at one of the lingerie models for Spellbound in Augusta. I stand by my characterization of their action as a feeble protest (I am a reformed, recovering feeble protestor myself, Mike!), but I apologize for juxtaposing their peaceful actions with the criminal actions of others.

I will go into more detail on this later, but I wanted to get this apology on the record. I still support the right of Spellbound (or any lingerie shop) to use live models in their storefront windows.



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