Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Spellbound Pulls the Plug on Live Models

Poor Felicia. She's quite ill, and now some jerks are making nasty threats against her lingerie models, and someone even slashed the tires of one of her employees. So she's decided to stop using models in the windows for fear of their safety:

The owner of the shop, Felicia Stockford, said she stopped the display about a week ago after one of the models received a threatening phone call and the tires on her car were slashed.

"It would be unconscionable to put her in a position where something might happen," Ms. Stockford said.

She said the woman contacted the police. "It all boils down to slashed tires, violent threats, so we have to stop," Ms. Stockford said. "And it stinks. I feel kind of sad that it's over with for here, but as long as I'm here I don't plan to do it again. I'm not having a good time anymore."

Ms. Stockford said she planned to sell the store in Augusta, a city of 24,000 in central Maine, and hoped to open another in Portland, Me., or Salem, Mass., places she said were "more liberal."

What century is this, anyway? I hope the Augusta police will be able to find out who made those harassing calls and who slashed the model's tires. It's one thing to hold a peaceful protest, as feeble as it was. It's another thing entirely to turn to violence and vandalism to terrorize people from acting in a peaceful and lawful manner. I hope the religious zealots who protested her open house had nothing to do with this.

And it's a shame that Felicia feels she needs to move either to southern Maine or out of state to continue her business safely.



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