Monday, October 2, 2006

A Fun Blog about Trivia

Since I'm a Latin Snob First Class, I do know that the word "trivia" literally means "things you talk about where three roads meet." That is, small talk.

The Aviva Trivia Blog is full of trivia, and you'll only have to travel on the information superhighway to find it.

Check out this post on weird jobs. I'll sign up for laughter therapist. Oh, that doesn't mean we get to ridicule the clients? Nevermind.

Dig deep into the archives to find this excellent post about the statistics of how you might die. A quick excerpt:

So what are the odds of death by natural disasters? Studies show that you are more likely to commit suicide or fall to your death than to be killed by a natural disaster, such as tsunamis. The odds of a tsunami are around 1-in-50,000 for those residing in coastal areas; however, given that most people don’t live near the coast; the chances are less likely, about 1 in 500,000 to nothing at all.

You'll be regaled by other totally useless facts. Might as well have called the blog "Grot" (I mean that affectionately!)

I do recommend this well-written blog.



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