Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Little Site Up-Sprucing

I just wanted to take a moment to call your attention to a few of the tweaks I've been doing to my template lately.

Several weeks ago, I consolidated the right-hand column with the left-hand column. There was a time when I liked the three-column look, but I came to realize that it made it hard for visitors to find what they needed. It also distracted too much from the posts themselves.

With the advent of PayPerPost sponsored posts, I've also cut way back on the third party ads. Now you'll just see a banner ad just under my masthead. If I'm commenting on a particular item, I may throw in an Amazon (or other) affiliate link. But the PayPerPost has been so good to me, that I may just eventually forego all other ads. I'm going to wait several months before making that jump, tho.

Now all of my post titles are permalinks to the individual post. There may be an old post or two from when I was a mere tyro at blogging that therefore will speak of "clicking on the link in the title" to go somewhere else, but will take you to the individual post page. Sorry 'bout that. I'm just trying to be a bit more in line with the common practice I see around the blogosphere these days.

Now I've moved the date and the comments and trackback links to a spot that they should be easier to find. I've had people email me, saying they couldn't find it. Guess it was too buried amidst the rubble of categories and tags.

The blog really looks best when viewed with Mozilla Firefox, but it seems to look okay in IE, as well. If anyone sees any terrible bugs, please purge your browser cache (especially if you're a regular visitor) and reload the page. If there's still a problem, let me know.



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