Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alfred Ockenfels for Child Molester, Joseph Baiungo for Big Brother

The campaign signs of Alfred Ockenfels, who's running for Sheriff of Knox County, Maine, have acquired some editorial comments lately:

Four of the defaced political signs, which were covered with a large sticker printed with "child molester," were found in Rockport.

On first glance, it appears to be someone with a grudge, trying to libel Ockenfels. However, it is very, very funny. I think Ockenfels should have laughed it off and shown he has a thick skin about the vandalism, rather than treat it as some high crime orchestrated by his political opponents. (For those suspecting my involvement, rest assured that the FBI already has my prints on file.)

A story in the Bangor Daily News (and without an online version of it, alas!) segues from the defacement of Ockenfels' signs in Knox County to the defacement of Joseph Baiungo's signs here in Waldo County.

Several people Tuesday said some of district attorney candidate Joe Baiungo's political signs, with a huge photo of the Belfast lawyer, have been marked up with mustaches and beards.

Well, Baiungo should have expected that. For those outside of the area, here's what Baiungo's signs look like.

Creepy, no? The eyes just follow you Big Brother. I don't know anything about Baiungo, or his opponent, Rushlau. In general, I'm not sure that I as a voter am qualified to pick who of the two men would be the better prosecutor. But I do know that Baiungo's signs creep me out. I expect some of the signs might go missing, and that lots of kids might use Baiungo cutout faces for their costumes on Halloween. If anything, the folks putting mustaches and beards on Baiungo's visage are helping his candidacy tremendously.

Aside from that, it's the first time I've ever seen a politician in Maine use a photo on their campaign signs. I'm sure I'm not the only one who infers (rightly or wrongly) a hint of egotism. That's not a character trait that's to be encouraged among civil servants.



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