Wednesday, October 4, 2006

A Scientologist on the Amish Killings

Creative Expressions has an interesting take on the Nickel Mines School killings.

The American public and the rest of the world has a right to know what psychiatric drugs Charles Carl Roberts was on that drove him to commit such atrocities.

One for one crimes like this have been tied to these drugs, yet they are still promoted in our magazines and prescribed to us by our family doctors who have bought pharma PR that they are safe.

If you can't guess, the blogger is a Scientologist. Don't let that stop you from checking out the blog. Despite its overwhelmingly Scientologist-related content (not that there's anything wrong with that -- indeed, it's very interesting!), there are many good morsels, like this post on the Duplessis Orphans. Yes,it all fits into the anti-psychiatry Scientologist Weltanschauung, but it's interesting to me as a left-libertarian due to its portrait of Canadian bureaucracy out of control.



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