Monday, October 2, 2006

Automatic Writing

If this book of poetry was truly dictated by God, why isn't God's name on the front cover?

Reached at her home last week, Sawtelle says God usually wakens her in the middle of the night and compels her to create "automatic writings." Sadly, the Lord is often frustratingly short on details.

"I get messages on love and the importance of understanding each other and understanding other faiths and walking together and having respect and not judging," Sawtelle says. "This is basically what most of the poems’ messages are about."

I mean, really, shouldn't the front cover say, "by God, as told to Elizabeth Haldane Sawtelle", or even leave her name totally off of it? I think God would let her have her name on the acknowledgements page as the transcriptionist, but her claim of authorship might make her a good person to stay away from during Donnerwetter.

Automatic writing is indeed an intriguing subject. I've often spoken without awareness of what I'm saying (just ask my wife), but I can't imagine writing like that.