Friday, September 30, 2005

Wallace and Gromit

I have real hopes for the Wallace and Gromit movie coming out a week from today. Let's face it, the movies this year have been less than good. Even the kids' movies. Robots? Valiant? People have been so starved for good movies around here, they've been taking their little kids to The Brothers Grimm, which is barely suitable for adults.

I remember well the first time I lay eyes on W&G: My brother and I were on a Christmas shopping expedition in a mall. One of the toy stores had several monitors up, playing The Wrong Trousers. Even with the sound off, we were paralyzed by the sheer spectacle of it, and ran into the store, demanding a copy.

I think that this may well be the second movie this year worth paying mondy to see. At least, I hope it will be, because I've got good hopes for Serenity, too.




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