Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Gay Marriage in California

The California Legislature has approved same-sex marriage, and now the bill is on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk.

I approve of same-sex marriage, and do hope that the governor will sign the bill, or at least let it become law without his signature. Of course, there will be a referendum about it as a result, but at least the debate will be where it belongs: among the public, not in the courtroom.

I know it will be years before Maine ever tries to go down this path, but perhaps that day is just a little closer now. Just the other night, a gay coworker of mine was lamenting Rehnquist's passing because he thought that, with Bush's dual appointees, gay marriage would never be approved by the Supreme Court. I was shocked that he thought the court system was there to be used in that manner. We won't have gay marriage rights in any state till there is popular approval for or acceptance of them, regardless of what courts may decide.



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