Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Anti-War Protests and Military Families

Washington, D.C., will be a hard place to get around this weekend, due to anti-war protests and counter-demonstrations. I know a fellow who lives in the next town over who intends to go. Of course, many of the folks in Maine who would be inclined to go would be giving up the Common Ground Fair.

If you read the Washington Post account, you get the sense that both the pro-war and anti-war sides feel that having military family members in their activities lends some credibility to their arguments. Both sides are wrong. Only facts and reasoning and a history of good arguments lend credibility to current arguments, and both sides have a lack thereof. I was against the invasion of Iraq, and am now a supporter of the Libertarian Party's withdrawal plan. But the protesters this weekend will for the most part be acting out of hatred of President Bush, or out of love of him. That is not the way to organize one's political philosophy.