Wednesday, September 28, 2005

M. Scott Peck, RIP

Self-help publishing pioneer M. Scott Peck has died.

I have never read any of his books, due to a general skepticism about the self-help pop psychology genre. But now I might.

From the AP obit:
He said he was repulsed and pleased by some of the cult aspects that formed around him. "Half the time when people want to touch my robe," he once told Life magazine, "it feels incredibly icky -- yuck!" The rest of the time, "it feels very good, honest, right."

He described himself as a flawed man who had a weakness for cheap gin, marijuana and women. He wrote openly of his extramarital affairs in what he called his favorite book, "In Search of Stones" (1995), nominally about a trip to Great Britain looking for ancient stone monuments.

He was a fellow that so many put upon a pedestal, yet he was the first in line to offer up his faults. Sounds like a fellow who had some honesty, even if he lacked integrity.




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