Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Public Education: The Path to Theocracy

A former board member of the Dover (PA) Area School District testified today that other board members were anti-evolutionists who wanted to use their power to have their religious beliefs expressed in biology classes.

This highlights the implicit danger of public education, i.e. government-run schools. Anything that the government does is at least tangentially political. When it comes to an important area of like like education, politicians won't hesitate to flex their muscles to do lunkheaded things like tell children that evolution is "just a theory."

I've said it many times, and here I go again:

Education is too important to entrust to the government.

It is time to cleave government entirely from education, so rational folk can stop spending so much time and energy and money fighting anti-intellectuals. We'll have our schools, and they'll have theirs. Nobody will have the power to force someone else to have their children educated with drivel like Intelligent Design.

Will the choices of curricula be confusing? A little bit bewildering? Yep. If you want to be a parent, you'll have to figure it out. But I trust the overwhelming majority of parents to do the right thing by their children much more than I trust any politicians of any ideology.



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