Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Murphy's Law and Liquid Manure

Check out this story about the overturning of a truck carrying liquid manure.

Disappointing, no?

Murphy's Law seems to have missed a big opportunity here. If I had been driving that truck, they'd still be out there now, sucking up the sewage.

The interesting thing here is that the reporter and website editor do everything to reel you into the story. They don't say, in the headline, "Little liquid manure leaks out of overturned truck." They let you conjure up unwarranted visions of wanton destruction and slimitization. And, oh, that first picture is such a tease. You think, surely, the next picture will show the top of the truck has burst open, and the driver will henceforth be known as Stinky. No such luck.

Oddly enough, this article has reminded me of a job I held at a local farm when I was in high school and on vacation from college. One of my duties was to tame the calves. I'd take them for walks after the morning chores.

Sometimes, especially on a rainy day, there would still be a fine sheen of mud and ... um ... liquid manure on the tarmac of the feeding pens. An unruly calf would decide it was a great time to take his unwitting stableboy sh8-skiing. (Not to be confused with a different kind of sh8-skiing.) As my family can attest, on more than one occasion, I lost my balance.



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