Thursday, February 16, 2006


Say hello to One Man Bandwidth, this week's renter from BlogExplosion.

If you check out Lonnie's profile, you'll quickly understand why I eagerly accepted his blog as a tenant, even before any other bidders surfaced. The American professor living in China says this about himself:

Lonnie does SEO for corporations and bloggers large or small. To date his clients hold over 30,000 keywords indexed in #1 positions on major search engines world-wide.

He was one of the original members of Delta Force (not the special forces group) the Army war College’s experiment in 1979, via genius Dr. Bob Parnes, that really became the backbone of the Internet.–That means he is really OLD!

He doesn’t use spell-check on his own blog and it shows.

Oh contrayre, mone frayre. You have a very humorous, well-written and interesting blog, spelling notwithstanding. And your personal expertise in such matters makes your posts on the Chinese internet access situation all the more revealing.

Lonnie's blog is not just dry geeky stuff. He presents a lot of slice-of-life scenes from China. Check out his post on the Toilet Bar. Or the youth of China who are professional video game players.

This one's a keeper. Straight to blogroll.



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