Friday, February 3, 2006


It's BlogExplosion blog rental time again; here's a rundown on the candidates and the successful renter.

Artistic Bytes from the 3rd Eye is a beautifully designed, well-written blog by Jayne d'Arcy that intersperses eclectic musings with a nascent creative writing project called "Shadow Falls." Check out her Cafe Press store.

21st Century Mom is also well-written, and also seems to cover an eclectic mix of things that interest the author. One particularly good post concerns Richard Dawkins, religious fundamentalism, Buddhism and what one of my religion professors called "questions of ultimate concern."

The rental agreement for the week has been awarded to C-O-N-spiracy. Well-written (notice a pattern here?), this blog won the spot due to its exceptional post about Tara's personal experience with interracial dating.

I've been really pleased with and humbled by the quality of the blogs that have applied for the little square on my page the last few go-rounds. I encourage everyone to look into all three of these fine blogs.



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