Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Idiot Gummint Driver

Today's Idiot Driver is brought to you by the State of Maine.

A small green car with tag number 181-154 ran a red light in downtown Rockland at the intersection of Main St. and Tillson Ave. this afternoon. The plate identified it as a state vehicle.

Way to go, gummint worker. Just imagine the accident you could have caused by speeding up when you saw the light turn yellow so you could run the red light. My Range Rover was in your line of sight, so you couldn't have seen whether there were any traffic on Tillson Ave. raring to go when the light turned green. Or if there were a pedestrian already crossing in front of me. (Yes, it's illegal even to pass a car that's stopped at a pedestrian crossing, regardless of the light, you bureaucratic bozo.) I'd really like to know what gummint function was worth endangering your fellow human beings so cavalierly. I didn't get a good look at you, since you were on the opposite side of the vehicle from me, but I'm pretty sure you weren't Jack Bauer.



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