Saturday, February 18, 2006

Going Postal

I had to go to the post office yesterday to mail out something my lovely wife Rowan had sold via eBay. There was a small line that was moving along quickly, as it was early morning. Two ladies were conspicuously standing to the side of the service window, putting things in mailers and filling out forms on the counter. While they were doing this, folks standing at the head of the line were being served in the order they had arrived.

The ladies both finished with their mailing preparations at the same time. One of the ladies grabbed up her stuff and went to the end of the line. To her I offer my anonymous gratitude for civility and manners. The other lady ignored the line behind her and stepped up to the service window as soon as the customer at it was finished.

The rest of us were a bit taken aback by her self-centeredness, but were classy enough not to make a scene. We knew from experience that it wouldn't do any good. This lady had the tag of her expensive coat pulled out from her collar, so if you wanted to stand on your head you could see what brand it was. Of course we should have been doing that, rather than noticing that she was cutting in line.


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