Tuesday, February 7, 2006

He Only Wanted to Speak Spanish

Here's an inspiring story about a paralegal in Maine who is looking out for the rights of migrant workers. Danny Mills works with them and with Native Americans on immigration, employment and discrimination cases.

Danny works for Pine Tree Legal, which cannot represent illegal immigrants. (Note in the story that even the BDN has taken up the catchphrase "undocumented workers.") I imagine that even the most rabid conservative would have to applaud Danny's efforts in helping foreign workers get legal assistance in their immigration efforts. Certainly Danny's take on the subject has a distinctly libertarian air to it:

"I like things to be fair," Mills, 48, said recently when asked what he found rewarding about the job. "When a person does work, they should get paid what they were promised and they should get the treatment they were promised."

By treatment, he is likely referring to housing conditions, judging by the rest of the story.

Danny, congratulations on receiving the honor of the John W. Ballou Distinguished Service Award! And sorry to hear you're no longer playing klezmer! (Heard him live once. Great clarinetist.)



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