Sunday, February 26, 2006

in the outer

Welcome to this week's blog tenant, the outer..., written by the bloke. It's an olio of musings on the bloke's life, work and spiritual journeys. the bloke seems to be a level-headed Christian in Australia whose background is interesting:

Born in Malaysia of Chinese parents, I found myself trying to fit in wherever I have been, but struggling to do so. At home, I had become a follower of Christ at an early age, and felt as if I had betrayed my Chinese heritage. Growing up, I felt awkward at having embraced a Western faith while claiming to be part of the local culture. Later, as I lived in Western countries, I found myself not really being accepted by Westerners, even though I ostensibly shared a little of their culture. Even when I am supposed to be most at home, among spiritual brothers and sisters, I found myself still, as it were, standing in the outer.

Do visit this well-written blog, and tell the bloke that Tor sent you!


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