Friday, May 5, 2006

Warren Kremer Paino Blinks; Lance Dutson Vows to Keep Raking Muck!


Lance Dutson announced this afternoon that Warren Kremer Paino advertising has withdrawn their lawsuit against him. Congratulations, Lance. And congratulations to all the folks who linked to him, and got the story out; most of all, congratulations to his top-notch legal advisors.

Chalk up one for the blogosphere this time. Government and its contractors remain fair game for criticism. As Rep. Stephen Bowen put it in his press release earlier today:

Rep. Bowen contends further that fundamental rights are at issue here. "In a small state like ours, where people retain a strong voice in public affairs, everyone has the right to question what the state is doing and how it is spending our money," he said. "That right is sacrosanct."