Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Estrogen and Lung Cancer

The AP's Lauran Neergard is reporting that researchers are exploring the possible link between estrogen and gender differences in lung cancer rates and types.

It's a good-news/ bad-news kind of thing.

Women tend to get different kinds of lung cancer than men. While it's unclear if they're at greater risk of developing the disease, some research suggests they may absorb more cancer-causing chemicals from cigarettes and become sick after smoking less. Among people who never smoked, more women than men are diagnosed with lung cancer.

On the other hand, women tend to survive lung cancer slightly better than their male counterparts. And some of the newest lung cancer drugs, Tarceva and Iressa, seem to work more often in women.

Either way, I guess the basic lesson is: Don't Smoke. And go out of your way to avoid second-hand smoke, especially if you're a woman with lots of estrogen.



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