Thursday, May 11, 2006

Emails from Jesus

Head straight over and read this week's blog tenant at Tor's Rants, Emails from Jesus. It's not just a collection of emails from Jesus, but also from his Adversary. I had run across this site some time ago, before its recent facelift, when JC looked a little more like Bob Dobbs' nephew. I'm happy to have it as a tenant. Click on the thumbnail at the top of the right-hand column, and tell 'em Tor sent you!

Here's a good bit of Buddhist-bashing from a recent entry:

Oh No He Di'n't

Hey J-dude,

Just a few questions to ask.

Is Buddha your buddy? What's the weather like in Heaven? And do you think it makes any sense to condemn someone to hell if they (well, Judas) are supposed to betray you?

My Child,

Buddha is a really cool dude, and a friend of both of ours. I'm trying to get him on board with us here, but he's not having it. Something about interfering with his Eightfold Path. I dunno.

We have a weather button now. Check in daily to see - you know, just in case you...uh...visit.

That whole Judas thing is way misunderstood. Peter and John had this bet going, Judas had too much wine, someone said something about my momma - it's just a really long story I don't wanna get into, man. But yeah, totally made sense at the time.