Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I Was an "All-Gendered" Bathroom Pioneer

Via The Denver Channel, a report on the gender revolution that's sweeping through the privies of the University of Colorado-Boulder campus:

A transgender task force wants to bring more "all-gendered" bathrooms to the University of Colorado-Boulder campus, the Boulder Daily Camera reported in its Monday editions.

"It's about creating more welcoming spaces," Bryce Abelson told the newspaper.

I attended a private college in Maine in the late eighties thru the earliest of the nineties. At my (coed) fraternity, we had no gender-specific bathrooms. When people came by during rush to see if they were interested in joining, we could usually spot the folks who would never join in a million years when, during the house tour, they would start to nervously giggle when they found that out.

The entire time I was there, folks respected the privacy of others, and somehow managed to refrain from becoming voyeurs in the showers. Unless they were romantically involved, of course.

Unisex bathrooms also save a lot of money in obviating two different facilities side-by-side. The only folks who'd be bummed by the widespread adoption of "all-gendered" bathrooms are the folks who make the fixtures. Especially urinals, which don't really have a place in such facilities. Oh, and I guess the men who don't want to be bothered to sit down to urinate. But they're barbarians, anyway. We can't leave the course of western civilization to them.



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