Monday, May 29, 2006

Chris Bliss Juggles to Fatboy Slim

For all the folks who were left wanting more of Chris Bliss, here's another video. This time, he's interpreting a new song by Fatboy Slim. Guess the whole Bliss Diss thing has worked in his favor.

UPDATE 6/12/06: Welcome to folks who came here via the Tempe Improv's bio page for Chris Bliss. Looks like he's having a couple of shows for you Arizonans over the next few days. After watching the video below, you might want to check out an even longer (and better) video of his juggling on an earlier post. And if you're looking for other things to tickle your funny bones, you might want to check out this list of my humorous posts. (Warning: Maine humor can be extremely dry and long-winded.) And there are topics galore available through the FreshTags navigation in the left-hand column. Enjoy your visit to my humble blog, and enjoy Chris Bliss's show in Tempe! I'm so envious.

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h/t Justin Russell

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