Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The DaVinci Code at the Colonial Theatre: Final Puzzle and Open Trackback

The final DaVinci Code puzzle that I've framed for the Colonial Theatre is now up at the website. Good luck.

This is this week's post. Anyone may trackback to this post on most any subject (I've never refused any yet), as long as there's a link to this post or to this blog in your post. I'll put the links up manually later in the day. If you see links below, please click through and read them, because someone has taken the effort to get the word out on something they've written.

Conservative Cat has submitted his take on John Murtha's Tribe Problem. Especially recommended for listeners of Laura Ingraham.

Planck's Constant asks his readers about Google Search and how did you get here? Pretty impressive. I'm the number one search for "Tor's Rants." Nyah nyah.



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