Monday, August 28, 2006

Roark Sure Gets Around

Some fellow PayPerPost bloggers have seemingly fallen in the irresistable snare of Roark's charm. It all started with Smuggle Me's exposé of PayPerPost as an elaborate scheme by its founder, Ted, to hook up Willie and Colleen. Ted denied it, which led to further investigative work by Willie into Ted's true identity.

The interesting thing is, my correction in the comments aside, everyone is scurrilously repeating the phrase "Tor the blogging cat." Willie seems to have seized upon a picture of Roark as being yours truly.

This is not an Archy and Mehitabel sort of blog, like Ferdinand's. Tor writes it, and features pics of Roark, Oliver and Dylan. More where those came from can be found at his wife Rowan's blog. (Come to think of it, even Rowan has often mistakenly called Tor Roark, and vice versa. If you knew us, you'd know why.)



Tor has not been paid to blog about the above topic via PayPerPost. You couldn't pay him to write a post like this. If you are a blogger who would be interested in being paid to blog, please sign up at PayPerPost and fill in tor at torsrants dot com as your referral.

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