Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dan Rua on PayPerPost and Consumer-Generated Advertising

Dan Rua is a fellow who knows how to make money blogging.

He's the writer of the Florida Venture Blog, and a recent post has gotten a lot of exposure at digg.

He looks back on the past month of PayPerPost's public existence, and notes that many of the concerns of those who were aghast at the idea of PayPerPost have rung hollow:

I've registered for the platform as a blogger and advertiser and adoption is growing fast on both sides of the marketplace. I've also searched for paid posts across the blogosphere and find a more intelligent, mature, open adoption than the soulless-shilling originally feared. In fact, I see quality organic posts growing alongside sponsored posts by PPP adopters.

Well, that only makes sense. If I were to overwhelm this blog with paid posts that weren't interesting, and let original, "organic" content dry up, my readership would go bye-bye, and all my advertisers would eventually go bye-bye as well, PPP included.

I may even sometime soon use PPP myself as an advertiser to help publicize this blog. For folks like me, with small advertising budgets, PPP would be an interesting experiment with a more easily verifiable result than other ad methods.



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