Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How to Jerry-Rig a Nonfunctional Brake on a Range Rover

I've meant to pass along this bit of info for a few months now, and, since I'm in need of a quick post to throw up for my OTA friends, here goes.

If, for some reason, one of your brakes on your 1987 Range Rover needs to be taken offline (maybe you've got a leak in the brake line going to it, or something unkind is going on with the caliper), there's a simple way to get that done and get yourself home, or at least to a service station without calling for a tow.

Take the appropriate bleed nipple off of the caliper that is to be disengaged. (If you've got a 1987 Range Rover, I'm assuming you've got a full set of tools handy at all times.) Then, disconnect the line from the master brake cylinder that goes to that brake. The nipple will fit into the socket whence came the line.

Be careful driving the beast. Since one brake is now inoperative (and possibly two, since I think both rear brakes need to be disconnected at the same time), braking will take longer than you're used to, and you might notice some pulling to one side or another.

Then fix things up properly as soon as you are able.



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