Monday, August 28, 2006

The Maine State Housing Authority and Health Care

Here's yet another episode in the drama in which government, while insisting its intent is to solve a problem, is creating a much larger one in order to gain more power for itself. The Ellsworth American says it best in these passages from an editorial last week:

The state Housing Authority continues to twist the arms of builders and subcontractors to provide employee health insurance if they hope to land a state contract. As if that isn'’t enough, next on the hit list are building suppliers.

What's next -- the coffee wagon that visits job sites?

If the Housing Authority's charge is "creating decent, safe, affordable housing," it is getting in its own way by driving up contractors' costs of doing business....

Besides having the effect of favoring larger firms that might better afford to offer health insurance...

That last clause contains the insight that is lacking in most liberals. Regulations tend to favor big businesses and corporations, and squash the small companies and sole proprietors. Indeed, the larger the government has grown, the stronger large corporations have become. The government doesn't protect the weak so much as it keeps them weak against the folks who pay for it.

The best thing to do for the affordable housing problem in Maine is to abolish the Maine State Housing Authority.



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