Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tom Cruise, Rod Stewart, Placentas and Unnamed Individuals

The recent comments that Tom Cruise made about eating placenta brought to mind the ceremony Rod Stewart held in which he and his wife buried the placenta of their child under a walnut tree. This brought in turn to mind a story that can be corroborated by someone who shall remain *cough* anonymous.

Seems a tree was being planted in a yard to celebrate the birth of a child. Just before the tree was lowered into the hole, one of the couple ran into the house and reemerged with a small package that was placed in the hole. After the tree was properly planted, someone inquired and was told it was the placenta of the child.

Further inquiries revealed that, though this was the first time the couple had buried the placenta, this was not the first time they had saved the placenta in the freezer. They had intended to bury their first child's placenta, as well. But when the time came, the placenta had gone missing from the freezer.

I'll leave it to the reader to speculate how the last story might come full circle to the first story.



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