Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Musical Blog Chairs

Please welcome my newest tenant in the upper right hand column, IIQ Illusions and Allusions. IIQ374 is a blogger from Auckland, New Zealand with some free-market sensibilities, and who deserves kudos for ironic use of a great new term (and perhaps even coinage of it, for all I know), "ignorantselfishtarian."

At the same time, I am beginning a week's tenancy at a Malaysian blog, Quality, Environmental and Process Improvement. The blog is just as narrowly-niched as the title would suggest. I find it interesting due to the years I worked in a warehouse. Whenever the management asked us lowly workers how to improve processes, they'd take our ideas and screw them up. As one supervisor put it, they tripped over dollars to pick up pennies.

Do visit both my renter and my bloglord this week!



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