Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Maine Needs Jobs.... I Mean Workers!

I guess it's only natural. When Mainers can't find work, they complain to the government. When Maine businesses can't find workers, they complain to the government.

In both cases, instead of complaining to the government, they should be complaining about the government.

Government nearly monopolizes the educational system in Maine, which has failed to do much educating. For the vast majority of attendees, government schools are little more than holding cells till the age of majority. This won't get better until government schools are closed and education is turned over to the free market.

Government greatly reduces the amount of laborers -- skilled or unskilled -- in the state through welfare and unemployment subsidies. Through its confiscatory taxation policies, government also reduces the incentive for potential laborers to learn skills that would increase the fruit of their labors.

And government tries to pick and choose which industries should prosper in the state, thus discouraging many entrepreneurs or established businesses from attempting to create jobs in Maine.