Friday, April 28, 2006

Linkfest for Lance Dutson

Wow, does Lance Dutson know how to get the word out, or what? The Boston Globe, the Portland Press Herald and Shel Israel, to name a few, have posted info about the Pay-per-Gate lawsuit. I've done a quick copy-and-paste from Lance's site to give a little more link love to all these folks.

Jeff Jarvis, Robert Cox, Jason Clarke, Shel Israel, James Joyner, Robert Basic, B.L. Ochman, Bill Hobbs, Sean Coon, Alan Herrell, Rex Hammock, Adirondack Base Camp, Wendy Hoke, The Florida Masochist, cehweidel, Don Singelton, Orient Lodge, Gabe Gates, Digg, Ed Cone, Bill Hennessy, VicePR, The Boston Globe, The Portland Press Herald, Dave Winer, Eric Jaffa, Lisa Renee, VillageSoup, Center for Citizen Media, Bill Trippe, Travis Corcoran, Pajamas Media, John Palfrey, Presto Vivace Blog, Robert Ambrogi, PRSpeak

So here's an offer for anyone else who wants some link love from Tor's Rants, for what it's worth. Just link to Lance's post announcing the lawsuit, leave me a comment or trackback on this post, and I'll add a link to your post below. If you've already left a link, same deal. Just let me know about it. Things are a little chaotic out there in t'rati land and in Lance's comments, so please let me know here so I won't miss it. You are not required to link to my blog, but if you would like to, hey, that's ok, too. This linkfest is good till further notice.

Update 4/28: Some more copy-n-paste from Lance's blog:

Eric Scheie, Michael Feldman, James Robertson, about:blank, Eric Siegmund, Overlawyered, the Blogging Times, William Quick, adland, Ron Coleman at Dean’s World, Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Mark Glaser, Scott Johnson, Mark A. Rose, tHg News, smays, Brett Schulte, Big News, Michael Arrington, First Maine Forward, Civil War Cavalry, Dan Gilmour, Robert Scoble, Words Matter

One thing's obvious from even a random sampling of these above links: there are a lot of well-written blogs out there that deserve our frequent visits. Remember the days when you had to pay to get magazines delivered to your home? I think those days are almost over.

Update 4/29: First, some more c-n-p from MWP:

Downbrigade news, The Blog Herald, Pascal Vernier, Bring It On, Seth Finklestein, Publishing 2.0, Silent Running, City Troll, Mike Orren, The Bell Curve Scar, Tris Hussey, Brian Bonner, Journalism Hope, Gary Goldhammer, The Blogging Journalist, Coffeehouse Studio, Lewiston Sun Journal

Lance is really getting an impressive amount of support from all over on this. I'm inspired to know that so many bloggers have realized what's at stake here.

Anyway, here's the first taker on my link offer:

The Right Nation, who also has an English version. However, I think they read too quickly, because I only see a link to this post, not Lance's. So guys, if you come back here and notice, and put up a link to Lance, and leave a comment to let me know, I'll remove the "nofollow" characteristic of your Italian link. This is about Lance's publicity today, not mine.



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